Saturday, February 28, 2009

medical ethical dilemma

i know i'm relatively anti-social to begin with, but i don't enjoy talking to people who are sick with highly communicable diseases. am i alone in this? does everybody else just go out and socialize while they're sick? do they feel guilty for spreading their germs? do they worry that other sick people will germ over them while their immune system is suppressed? i feel a cold coming on with swollen glands and itchy ears and have a party i really want to go to tonight. i cleaned my ears with qtips dipped in rubbing alcohol & i'm drinking hot lemon water and have not been sick yet this year and really, really want to keep up the streak. is it rude to go to a party wearing a bandana around your face? or a surgical mask?



Anonymous said...

hi skippy, i've been down with a cold/flu for the last few days. We had dinner plans tonight with some friends and then invited them all over after dinner. Hated to cancel because we were really looking forward to it, but I still feel much less than 100% and didn't want anyone else to get sick. Everyone understood and probably felt a liitle relieved because "well" people don't really want to be around sick or even recovering people.
~aunt jojo xo

skippy haha said...

thanks for the note, aunt jojo! sorry you're feeling sick too but i agree with you all the way. i didn't go to the party, i took a shower & got ready & had a low fever & chills so called it a night. still feeling crappy today but it's not fullblown & i will fight these bugs! hope you're recovering & not getting a blizzard up there today.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling alot better today, skippy, and I hope you're on the mend, too! Good decision on your part to stay put and rest last night. Had a little snow this morning but the big storm is supposed to happen overnight and through tomorrow afternoon. It's been a cold winter up here this year. We're all hoping for an early spring. PLEASE! Take good care, skippy. xo

kid D said...

i have missed out on numurous social occassions since teylor has been born. i dare not expose my friends, their kids or even their animals to our germs. i try not to leave the house at all.