Wednesday, November 19, 2008

relentless pursuit of socks

relentless pursuit of socks, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

what a curious sight - a sock halfway pulled through the inch-wide slot in the hamper. who ever could have done such a thing.


Anonymous said...

at least its not your underwear.... ; )

skippy haha said...

don't put it past him. kitshickers mascot grace haley used to eat the armpits out of betsy's shirts - that's about the funniest i've seen.


kid D said...

i used to swear yoshi (the smiling pomeranian) could fly.

socks would mysteriously be removed from my wooden clothes hamper that was at least three feet tall. no holes or anything.

skippy haha said...

i don't think i ever saw a photo of yoshi smiling, is he still jumping around? where there's a sock there's a way.

skippy haha said...

lisa has informed me 'holdilox has a disorder'