Friday, October 03, 2008


i've heard that sarah palin 'rebounded' in the debate last night. so, blatantly ignoring the actual questions asked of you and rambling your memorized talking points equals good?

i can't imagine her sitting down with a foreign diplomat who needed a translator. would the translator wink? what would the translator do with "joe six pack"? she is an embarrasment. you betcha.

and is it too much to ask that the VP candidate can pronounce NUCLEAR?

nuke. lee. er.
voila! (vwala)


Brian Ross said...

I think expectations were so low that anything short of breaking down and completely loosing it was going to be considered a good job. It was pretty obvious she had memorized some talking points that she worked into every question, relevant or not. Biden was impressive. He is clearly knowledgeable, and confident.

kid D said...

my coworkers 16-year-old daughter found this link for debate bingo. she and all her friends grilled burgers and played bingo.

Anonymous said...

George Bush can't pronounce nuclear either. They're so much alike, it's horrifying.

skippy haha said...

i agree brian - the only part about joe biden i hated was when he referred to himself in the 3rd person - nobody's been a bigger friend to israel than joe biden! ugggghhh. other than that i was impressed and trust him relatively.

kid d, that is really cute. in a crazy and sick way.

aunt jojo, i hope palin and bush go pound sand at jesus camp for the rest of their lives.