Monday, October 20, 2008


The temperature inside my house is currently 49 degrees Farenheit.

i am sitting at my desk chair in my sleeping bag and fingerless gloves.

i called the oil company when they opened at 830 and the guy said he'd have someone here 'before lunch.'

when i moved here in april, the girl moving out said the oil tank was empty.

the oil guy on the phone said that trying to run it when the tank is empty will draw sludge from the 100 year old oil tank into the system and the whole thing would need to be cleaned out

so i'm waiting


YES he just pulled up!


Brian Ross said...

Technically, you are supposed to wait a few hours for any particles to settle after getting it filled up before you run it. Oil furnaces should receive a tune up every 1 - 2 years. Something your landlord might be interested in? maybe not? Good luck!

skippy haha said...

man, the oil guy said nothing about waiting for it to settle! he told me it was warmer outside than in and to turn it up to 90. great, now i probably have black lung. the tank outside is a hundred years old, but the system in the basement and all the ducts were replaced in 2006 so i think its in good shape. i got 150 gallons of oil. it cost $530-something. the tank holds 275 gallons. he told me 150 gallons would last about 6 weeks. screw that, i'm gonna make it last all year. i'm going to get a space heater & hope to mainly use that. and eat lots of oatmeal.

Brian Ross said...

Yeah, it is expensive! I turn it off at night and during work. Then put it on about 60 while I am home and awake (6-midnight). I think I used around 200-300 gallons last year. I am going to eventually install a woodburning stove.

kid D said...

the whole oil for heat thing is totally foreign to me. everything is electric in these parts.

Anonymous said...

$530... yikes. Thank your lucky stars you're young and healthy skippy... Poor little old ladies in Queens, NY (or other places that depend on oil for heat, like the northeast) are going to be near freezing to death this winter with prices like that. Very sad.

Home heating oil is basically diesel fuel, but colored differently. Yuck.

Also, per Ms. Carmen my 9th grade biology teacher, the scientific word for black lung is the longest word in the English language.

I don't claim it as truth, just passing it along. :)

skippy haha said...

electric and/or a wood stove sounds great.
jason i hope you are not right, and everybody has a good sleeping bag and stays warm. i also had mrs. carman for biology and she was a great teacher. smart & funny & dramatic.
interesting that 'volcano' is in the science term for black lung.