Tuesday, July 08, 2008

most popular

broken toes, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

flickr keeps track of how many people click on your photos

i checked it yesterday and this photo has had 725+ lookers since i posted last month

for reference, most photos i put up there have 1-5 people look at them

the next closest is 120 lookers at a sneak photo i took last summer of a pregnant girl eating gummi bears at the airport

people are funny

they love to look at broken toes in a cast


kid D said...

is it possible that many people have a foot fetish?

Anonymous said...

isn't the internet scary?!

Anonymous said...

It was me. I clicked on it 723 times. Sorry.

skippy haha said...

kid d i see no other explanation...other than it's just omnibus with the fetish.
omnibus - you were sitting next to me when i took this! if i'd known i wouldve taken more angles for you.