Wednesday, May 14, 2008


reservoir, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

asheville's water source, the north fork reservoir, from around craggy gardens on the blue ridge parkway. water levels are up from last year's drought and the yellow-green of spring is starting to spread up through the wintry brown trees.

omnibus & nacho & i went for a walk up there last night, we walked on the trail from the craggy gardens picnic area to the visitors area, then walked down the parkway which was closed to cars, back to the picnic area. we went through a tunnel and saw santa claus riding a bike and the rocks along the side dripping out melting water. we also saw a turkey flying into a tree which could be confused for a bald eagle or a buzzard.


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Anonymous said...

flying turkeys? you truly are in god's country.

zen said...

what a wonderful shot of that early green!