Wednesday, May 07, 2008

flea free

this is how my dogs stay free of fleas without using frontline (if the chemicals are so toxic they're not to touch human skin, why am i supposed to douse my dogs with them 12 times a year?):

1. feed them BARF (bones & raw food diet)
2. once every 2-3 weeks, hose them off
3. lather them up with herbal flea shampoo
4. hose them off
5. pour a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar diluted in a gallon of water over each one
6. when they're dry, and once a day thereafter, squirt some herbal insect repellent on a hard rubber grooming glove and brush them vigorously

it worked last summer and so far so good this year.


Anonymous said...

sounds GREAT skippy haha....

i want to also let you all know about my dear friend here in Santa Barbara that invented the Brush Buddy...

if i wasn't in spain at the time with skippy, then my dog, kelsey dog of america, would have been in this video. i highly recommend it for all things 'DOG'...

go holden and nacho...careful for those bones in the butt. tee hee.

mappy camper

skippy haha said...

the brush buddy! that looks awesome! you mentioned it a while back but i never got to the site to see it. rick dancing with reggie is the best! what a great idea.