Sunday, November 18, 2007

rocking tots

recent conversation between me, lande (6.5 year old girl) and ryal (3.5 year old boy):
me: is dan zanes your favorite rockstar?

lande: dan zanes is my favorite - or hannah montana - no dan zanes is my favorite THEN hannah montana THEN hilary duff

me: who's your favorite ryal?

ryal: daddy


me: are you gonna be an accountant like your dad when you grow up?

lande: no a rockstar

me: what instrument are you gonna play?

lande: the microphone


Anonymous said...

i love to play the microphone. i was never good at the other instruments. did you tell him you could play uke in his band?

holden, holden
he's the black dog

skippy haha said...

ha, nope kid d, i like to keep some of my tricks in the bag in case i ever need them :) i guess lande the microphone player told her mom instead of being a rockstar maybe she'll just MARRY one. her parents are not happy. ahha.

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