Friday, November 16, 2007

tumor or not tumor?

the vet called with holden & nacho's blood tests & they're both "pretty much perfect" which is great but she's recommending surgery to take off holden's tumors.

she stuck a needle in them to test while we were at the office and said she's 99% positive they're benign.

the tumors have been there for about 4 years now, starting with one - the biggest golf ball looking one - now there are 4, all on holden's ribcage (cheetah chest) and don't get in his way.

they'd have to put him under for the surgery

he's 9 1/2 years old, which is like in his late 60's people years

it would cost $500-600, which really means $750

i don't want these to get to be the size of grapefruit & put stress on his other organs

if i wait much longer he'll be too old for surgery

but they're not cancerous and he's in great health and that's a lot of fucking money

anybody with tips, experience, advice, pointers, a rusty razor, let me know

holden votes "no"


Anonymous said...

If it was $375 would you do it? If it was for free would you do it? Is it just the money? I'm interested in your answers. Christmas is coming.

skippy haha said...

it's not just the money. if he needed anything i'd max out my credit cards in a second for this pup. it's mostly the elective surgery. i dont trust western medicine very highly. i don't give them flea & tick or heartworm prevention and haven't for the past few years because i dont trust the chemicals. i dont see these tumors as disrupting holden's enjoyment of life very much to justify invasive surgery. but then what if i don't get them out & in a few years there are 8 of them the size of tennis balls.

christmas is coming but id rather save my pennies so holden can get a house of his own next spring with a big old yard to fit all his tumors.

it's not good to have 4 sizeable growing lumps attached to your ribcage, i know.

i'm so torn.

Anonymous said...

i'm just worried they will attach to an organ or will start to hurt his quality of life. my biggest fear...he will need them removed in a year and he's just that much older. i don't know, it's a tough call. go with your gut, it's usually correct. love you holden.

Anonymous said...

can they establish pathology without surgery? if they are benign and not affecting quality of life--I say leave 'em

do surgical risks materially increase if you wait a year? sure they will increase by some amount, but probably not materially right. it will probably be just as risky a year from now as it is now, but a year from now you will have more information on which to base a decision--and you can of course always re-evaluate 6 months from now.

skippy haha said...

thank you all!
bjurk - she aspirated the lumps @ the checkup - stuck them with a needle & checked the blood under a microscope & saw no cancer, i believe.

i think i'm gonna wait a few more months & see.

this link made me feel better too - lipomas: benign fatty growths

& thanks for voting (old people) - the 'other' voters said -

* Get another opinion
* yes, but no emergency. After the hoildays, in Jan. or Feb.

voting is not closed so anybody else with advice spill it