Thursday, April 26, 2007

heather must slow down and check her work

does this seem a little rough for a 7-8 year old?

i think things took a turn for the worse with my "social development" when i found out we'd be moving that summer from rhode island to new york.

the last quarter, she enjoyed having me in class because i got 99% on all their stupid standardized tests. i mean give me a break.

the red stamps up top are from chuck e. cheese which gave half off dinner to kids who brought their report cards & had some G's or E's or something like that. the grease marks are from there too.


Anonymous said...

my report cards always said i talked too much or kept looking out the window at the playground. they also said, "we know jj is really smart but she never turns in her homework." i wouldn't do the homework if i already knew the answers because i thought it was a waste of my time. seriously, it was a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

You get an E+ in my book!

Anonymous said...

kid d-my inattentiveness often prevented me from being allowed to play hungry hungry hippo at recess on rainy days! such cruelty!

skippy haha said...

that's ballsy kid D, i think i always turned in my homework for fear of getting in trouble or not going to college. checking my work and slowing down was a waste of my time though. thanks for the E+ phil, i'll take it. i think it would raise my average to a solid G.