Sunday, April 22, 2007

the pumpkin that nobody wanted

second grade, i think miss hodgkinson was a little harsh on me


Anonymous said...

Abe Lincoln. Pumpkin Lover. Who knew.

Nice pencilmanship! Seriously.

skippy haha said...

freddy knew bjurk. freddy knew.

as for my pencilmanship, i think it's pretty good too but miss hodgkinson begged to differ. i'll have to scan in my report card from that year, it was definitely the worst i've ever had, she gave me an N, an N! in penmanship. lowest grade available to give. she'd send me in the hallway by myself to copy letters over & over. i don't want to say she had it out for me, but i think she had it out for me.

Anonymous said...

an "N" eh? it does appear that she had it in for you.

what "N" stand for anyway? nada? nullus? nequam?

a hippie pc version of the grade "F" so students don't feel like failures when they fail?

skippy haha said...

N stands for Needs Improvement. later on i think U was the lowest grade for 'unsatisfactory' - the hippie PC version of F. i posted my report card so you can see the n's & the S minuses that WILL drop if i dont improve next quarter. biznitch.