Monday, October 09, 2006

guadalajara joe's latest antics!

guadalajara joe does gerardo better than gerardo!

(Gerardo's Rico Suave) Vegoose Contest


Anonymous said...

Wow I didn't know legs can bend so high, like out of her chest! That's sweet! How do you do it Guadajalara Joe?

Anonymous said...

That's the most beautiful video I've ever watched. If I ever get back to SD, I hope Guadalajara Joe is playing.

over and over,
Kid D

Anonymous said...

what do you mean, vegoose contest?

gotta luv those tight genes.....

oh babay!

Anonymous said...

"what do you mean, vegoose contest?" = my thoughts exactly. from GJ= "steve suggested i do it for a vegoose impersonator contest, but he thought i should do it as guadalajara joe impersonating his idol so i just went for it!"
i take it there's an impersonator contest at vegoose? i love when he flings his jacket!