Saturday, April 04, 2015

my old clothes: tarheels edition: part 2

when last we left, i'd shown 5 of my favorite vintage unc t-shirts.

here are 5 more favorites - all basketball-related. 

soft, thin, and true. carolina basketball is a perennial power. 

carolina basketball perennial power

looks pretty basic here - carolina basketball school - vintage t-shirt from the summer camp:
carolina basketball school

but it's a champion blue bar tag, dating it to the mid 70s. sweet!

carolina basketball champion blue bar

here's another of the softest silkiest t-shirts i own. love the repeated graphics and the hair on the player. michael jordan era - ncaa champions 1982. 

1981 1982 ncaa champions t-shirt

this must be one of the most obscure carolina basketball t-shirts ever made. gastonia, NC - city of the all-americans - russell athletic from the late 70's. honoring james worthy (UNC) and sleepy floyd (georgetown) - who both grew up in gastonia. 

sleepy floyd james worthy gastonia 70s t-shirt

last but not least, coach k drinks winecoolers. this is not as old as the others, probably only 15 years or so, but it makes me laugh every time. 

coach k drinks wine coolers

you know he does! 

although the tarheels did not advance past the sweet sixteen this year, it was a great season, and we can all still find pleasure in the remaining games by rooting against duke. 


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