Wednesday, February 04, 2015

WTF Wednesday: Groundhogs, Meatballs, Boy in a Teacup

Greetings to Wednesday! Greetings to WTF!

Starting with a couple of WTF internet animals. It's Groundhog week, and Jimmy the Groundhog from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin took his one shining moment and bit the Mayor in the ear

Here's Rami the stray pitbull-weiner dog from Moultrie, Georgia.  I hope his mom was a pitbull. He looks like a sweetheart, he is even scared of cats

Now for some thrift store treasures: who needs a curling iron?

Ceramic mask covered in feathers? 

I love Eddie Rabbitt as much as the next guy. It's the mullet and medallion I am WTFing.

How many meatballs could there possibly be?

Here's a boy in a teacup.

 $8?! Have you lost your minds, Goodwill?

This was on the back of a 24x36 framed poster of North Carolina rhododendrons.

It looks like every person in that high energy lounge is about to have an affair. 

Shield your eyes, Kid D, and other haters of clowns.  

Last but not least, the creepiest doll I have ever seen: 

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

For more vintage wtf wonders (for sale), click here: vintage wtf

New WTF this week:


Anonymous said...

to make things worse for the "Creepiest doll you've ever seen" and I agree.....I could be wrong but I think the left foot as she is facing you only has 4 toes.

skippy haha said...

oh dear, you may be right. i think the doll was male (didn't check). his right eyelashes were falling in his eye.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a girl

skippy haha said...

why do you think it's a girl? don't make me go back there and check! do you think it came with long hair and somebody fashioned that boy's hairdo? it looks like a professional haircut. it's possible it's a girl. maybe it's a hermaphrodite (no judging)..."it's time for androgyny - here comes pat!"

Anonymous said...

man, we could use a high energy lounge like that in asheville. first classy all the way!

Anonymous said...

long lashes, i agree with anon, she's a girl. hair is in a japanese kimono bop.

Jessica U said...

$8.00 dollars!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!?! What has happened to Goodwill! That has got to be a typo! LOL

skippy haha said...

@Jessica - SERIOUSLY. they have lost their damn minds.