Wednesday, January 19, 2011

fluffy & barney

growing up, i wanted a dog.

my mom never had a dog and didn't want a dog. (this has changed!)

my brother was terrified of dogs after a golden retriever chased him on a soccer field and bit the winter pom pom hat off his head when he was 5.

no dog for me.

when i was 9, instead of a dog, i got a rabbit. he was a white albino with pink eyes and i named him fluffy.

he was cute at first, but as he got older he humped everybody's arms and he would jump in the air and pee, spraying everything. he pooped all over the place. you could hold him, but he would scratch with his claws and pee and poop on you, so he had to be wrapped in a towel.

he was a terrible pet.

as my love for fluffy waned, i stopped cleaning his hutch regularly. eventually my parents drew the line and i wrapped him in a towel and my dad drove me to selmer's pet land and took him inside and 'returned' him. that was the last i heard of fluffy.

i still wanted a dog, and i still was not getting a dog.

instead a little while later after promising i would clean the cage, i went back to selmer's pet land and got a light brown bunny with a white nose and tail.

barney heather

it was a girl, i named her barney. she was much sweeter than fluffy. she didn't hump and scratch.

barney dad

in 8th grade my friend erin and i did a science project on peta and testing on rabbits and we brought our rabbits (she had smokey a crazy gray dwarf) into school and they ran around the english classroom. that was the highlight of barney's life.

barney cage

after a couple years, i started liking boys and stopped cleaning barney's cage. my aunt jojo and uncle tom arranged for barney to go to a farm in massachusetts where i believe she spent her golden years hopping in a pasture.

barney heather

i still wanted a dog. as soon as i could get one, i got holden. i never stopped cleaning up after holden.

dogs are SO MUCH BETTER pets than rabbits!


kid D said...

my friend natalie peed on me once. we were doing a skit for my parents and were attached by clothing. i would rather be peed on by a rabbit.

skippy haha said...

stop it! hahahhahahhaha! thanks for that kid D.

kid D said...

we were laughing so hard...all of the sudden i felt something warm running down the back of my legs. i was sworn to secrecy until college.