Friday, May 14, 2010

firstborn sex same as dog?

i have done a highly unscientific study involving everybody i can think of which supports the conclusion that the sex of a first child is likely to be the same as the sex of the dog those people own.

i would say 75-85% of people i can think of who own/owned a dog before having a child are blessed with a baby of that same gender. it is not 100% and there are exceptions to every rule, but it seems to be the great majority. it does not hold as true for second or third babies.

think of someone you know who had a boy baby.

did they have a boy dog?

is this true across the board or just with people that i know?

if it's true - why? do the dogs emit hormones?

is it true for cats too?

chime in!


kid D said...

pea pod wrap. i love it. he already looks two months old. healthy willie. LOVE IT!

skippy haha said...

aw this is not little willie, it's ethan, my friend lindsay's super adorable baby, and you're right he's like 3 months here. healthy willie is at home now doing great but his parents are hoarding pictures!

kid D said...

hoarding pictures. what kind of crap is that. no fair to an aunt that lives far, far away. i'm kind of glad that's not wilie. i thought he was growing way too fast!

skippy haha said...

ha! seriously, he would be walking next week at that rate! they came through with pictures - here he is waving!