Friday, March 20, 2009

Please do not mix olives. and wings.

do not mix olives and wings, originally uploaded by skippy haha.

it's been a few months since i changed my brita water filter and there are carbon bits floating around the inside, so i went to ingles to get some more.

i checked the hardware aisle.

no filters.

i checked the bottled water aisle.

no filters.

i checked the baking aisle.

no filters.

i checked the jewish food aisle where i swear i'd bought them before.

no filters.

fine, you win, i'll ask a manager stocking shelves. i knew he was a manager from his white button down shirt and tie. he told me they no longer stock water filters.

he said there wasn't enough room for water filters anymore after the last 'reset.'

this store is huge. tens of thousands of square feet. it has a full pharmacy inside the store. it has a full deli inside the store. it has a freestanding starbucks inside the store. it has a full movie rental store inside the store.

they must've had to make room for this disgusting salad wing and olive bar and could no longer spare 1 square foot of shelf space for brita filters.



Gianna said...

hey skippy,
we got a filter for our sink and have several left-over brita filters that we bought in bulk..

they're yours if you want...just come by and pick them up.

(I'm not sure how many we have but it's at least a couple and maybe more!!)

skippy haha said...

Gianna, you rock! thanks so kindly for offering, i went to CVS & stocked up so i'm all set for a few months. i almost bought the filter for the sink, but didn't want a hassle with tools or if it didn't fit, and i don't own my house, so i got the filters. do you have any troubles with the sink filter?

Gianna said...'s great and it's under the sink so it doesn't change water flow or if you don't want those filters I'm gonna give them away on sure you don't want them for the future?

Anonymous said...


I can't stop sure have a way with words

Henry's getting very excited awaiting your visit


Becky said...

Good job Ingles on helping us be less confused!

kid D said...

that is lame. thank goodness for good friends.

skippy haha said...

Gianna, you can freecycle them if you like, i have a brand new one plus 4 extras now and i don't want to be a glutton, i'm sure somebody on there needs them much more desperately than i do...i'll definitely look into an under the sink filter.

MOM tell henry i can't wait for him to sleep on my head.

thanks Becky & kid D, i know it makes no sense!