Friday, November 14, 2008

santa barbara tea fire

there's a wild fire raging in the hills above santa barbara, since last evening. our friend sh32, aka phil, lives exactly right in the middle of it.

i heard that the eucalyptus and palm trees in the area are literally exploding when the oil inside them gets too hot - and that sends flying more flaming shrapnel.

so join me in sending phil some good thoughts and keep your paws crossed that his house survives.

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kid D said...

oh man...sending phil positive thoughts right now.

phil said...

My house is safe for the time being. Fire got as close as 150 yards to it last night. We're not out of the woods yet. Wind is scheduled to pick up later this afternoon. Hoping for the best.

Twitter stream here

mappycamper said...

yay phil, glad to hear 210 is still standing....lets pray for mild winds.

it was quite crazy being downtown last night. jackstar and i were reffing the finals for kickball at SBJunior High which is right under the fire. we didn't stay long as the power went out for much of the town. so much smoke and ash in the air, about 83 degrees and windy as hell. pretty eerie out there!