Wednesday, July 16, 2008


it feels like fall already here. is it just me? it might be the angle of the sun or the strength of the sun or the humidity or breeze or how blue the sky is but something here feels like fall already.

i woke up full of vinegar ready to snap
i've seen only the worst greediest bastardliness in everything since then
dont try this at home

last week my neighbor brought over peaches from her mom's tree in tennessee that were so juicy i had to eat them over the sink

that was good


phil said...

Hey Skippy your post seems like three separate twitter "tweets." Have you tried it?

skippy haha said...

ha! i have seen it, i haven't tried it.

omnibus said...

68 more days until the first day of autumn!

skippy haha said...

i can't believe it omni. gonna be a long winter.