Wednesday, November 07, 2007

scented motivational fruit?

care to guess what scented motivational fruit might be?

(click to see what it is)


kid D said...

i had a sticker collection in the second grade. i stuck my stickers on notebook paper and kept them in a trapper keeper.

Anonymous said...

i guess a candle of an apple (or any fruit shape) that has "yes you can !" across its belly.
; ) - mappy

skippy haha said...

i did too kid d! what kind of trapper keeper? mine had a hawaiian waterfall on it. i had stickers with google eyes and some puffy ones and some that had oil inside so you could press them & swirly colors moved around.

brandi, that sounds like the kind of fruit that would be great to throw at paul

kid D said...

my trapper had a picture of a white horse and a brown horse standing by a fence. i had puffy stickers, smelly stickers, definitely google eyes and some that were furry. i wish i still had my trapper. i would take notes in it at all of my work meetings. i would love to see the pres, and vp's face when i brought it to the meeting. gotta love higher ed.

skippy haha said...

furry stickers - LUCKY. bring back the trapper keeper, shake those cowboys up a little :)