Monday, September 10, 2007

picture pages picture pages

had a splendid weekend with my fluffy brother henry & his parents, communing with nature, touring asheville, going to festivals, dining in little switzerland, the whole works. i just put up scores of photos on flickr, here are a few of the wilder ones -

a bat! living between the screen and the glass of a window in my house! a bat! with bat toes!

mystical reflected henry

the la zoom purple bus tour of asheville, so very entertaining and informative, here a nun eats fire

patches' birthday party!

rocking in little switzerland

lexington avenue arts and fun fest - LAAFFest

justin's booth (justin's also a model)

finally here's henry (& holden & nacho) waiting for some peanut butter on his last night right before he jumped on my bed & slept all night on my pillow

and last but not least - happy birthday graham (yesterday) and phil (two days ago)!


sh31 said...

Thanks for remembering Skippy! We all had an amazing time at 40:20! Nice bat toes!

skippy haha said...

meeks bay - what a perfect place to celebrate sh31. it's pretty amazing the events this group is able to pull off. just when you think the good vibe can't possibly be pushed any further or farther, there it goes

kid D said...

is the bat a welcomed visitor? i think i would be a little freaked.

skippy haha said...

not entirely welcome, no kid d - though it is entirely on the other side of the screen and it has regular habits, goes out after dark, is gone at night, comes back in the morning, and they supposedly eat mosquitoes & i have too many of those...

bobby huntington said...

That bat left at 8:05 pm and was crawling up the screen to go back to bed at 9:05 pm. One hour of mosquito eating and sleep for 23 hours. Not bad. I don't know if that's a typical night for him. You'll have to check it out, or not.