Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WTF Wednesday: OJ & Me, Hypnosis for Idiots

Heeey Wednesday! Heeey WTF!

Hey it's Al Cowlings' white Bronco!


Good reminder from a stack of cinder blocks painted like a skunk. 

cinder block skunk

Happy holidays. 

merry xmas

Happy birthday Rock Monkey.

birthday monkey

Streetfighting by Slutsky. 


Is this really something we want Idiots dabbling in? 

hypnosis for idiots

So much so that I bought you this horrific google eyed figurine. 

a whole bunch



A 2 in 1 cookbook. 

omelets and crepes

I've seen Shaquille O'Neal and I've seen Michael Jordan and neither of them looks anything like this. 

shaq vs jordan


lord grant me patience

Cottage chic aerobics Teddy. 

aerobics teddy

Premier Collection's representation of March. 

premier collection march

Last but not least, I just feel like you're right. 

i just feel like

  As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions. 

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New WTF this week:


Unknown said...

I just spat out the guacamole I was eating on my computer screen...LOVE IT SKIPPY!!!

Annnnnd now I can't finish my lunch because my I realized that I can't eat and laugh at the same time.

skippy haha said...

Thank you for your support and keep eating and laughing just not together, Bephany!

The Stage Pro said...

So you're just going to overlook the pedophilic bald guy figurine in the back left of the googly-eyed photo?

LOL - awesome, as always!

Anonymous said...

slutzky & woodruff. oh man, what a classic pair.

skippy haha said...

Thank you Stage Pro! I definitely left that guy in the photo on purpose, his hairdo did not match his toga, for surely! Ha!

skippy haha said...

Thank you as always anonymous!