Wednesday, January 07, 2015

WTF Wednesday: Craft Fails, Crochet Pants, Wrestling

Hellllllo WTF Wednesday! 

Let's begin with a few major Craft Fails.  A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Jessica over at A Day in the Life of One Girl ran a contest and I was the lucky winner of a funny book called Craft Fail: When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong.

This book is WTF Wednesday come to life. It shows pictures of beautifully done crafts, next to wretched attempts to copy those crafts. (See, eg, Jessica's spray painted high heels). 

Here are a couple examples of the ridiculousness.  Shark Week Cupcakes. Ummmmm? 

Bad Bunny Cake. Errrrr?

 And here are some Craparons. 

I would still eat them! It's not all baking - there are people trying to make hats, wreaths, candles, and more, all with very little success. It's a sweet, lighthearted book that would make anybody smile. 

Moving along to some more crocheted glory from the Good Housekeeping Needlecraft Magazine 1973. 

Interlocking Stitch Pants! 

Wonder why crochet knit swimsuits never took off. 

Perfect for the beach - afghan blanket with a drawstring waist. Why is she stepping on the fence?

I love the fuzzy look!

Here's a story out of Florida about a man who took his clothes off in a CVS and tried to sleep on some dog beds. I think we can all relate to that.

Last but not least, this is a reader-submitted bit WTF-ery coming from LindZ. The picture is NSFW, so click if you wish: some kind of wrestling thong 'underwear.'

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions.

For more vintage wtf wonders (for sale), click here: vintage wtf

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Anonymous said...

fuzzy is probably my favorite word to say. that front pocket completed this wtf wednesday for me.

Anonymous said...

oh my god i just read the dog bed story!

skippy haha said...

@Anon - thank you! the front pocket is to hold a key. i hope the dogbeds were the sherpa sheepskin kind.