Tuesday, July 22, 2014

just the hits

we had 3 row dead fuckin center seats for beck.

downtown at the thomas wolfe auditorium last saturday night.

we were 15 feet away from the guy. he was doing high kicks and moon walking. knee slides like marty mcfly in back to the future. the fly on his black jeans was halfway down. his tips are frosted. he is tiny. but the dude has moves! kind of prince-like in his dance style. it was a fantastic high energy show, and the seats were unbelievable. no xenu sightings.

went to a very different show this saturday night. chris smither at the grey eagle. sit down show. started at 8. walkers in the front row.

he is a fantastic storyteller and guitar player, and the show was full and happy.

our garden overfloweth with yellow cherry tomatoes. i don't know why they are yellow. they taste red. there are 10 new ones every day.

pouncey is still suckin on pillas.


Anonymous said...

Maters look red in the pic.

kid D said...

sometimes you just need to suck on a pillow...

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

NICE seats for the concert. I read on Ashvegas that all of our famous people in town were there too. And the guy from Always Sunny in PA. Random!
Little Pouncy! Awwww

skippy haha said...

@anon - the tomatoes could not be more gold!

@kidD - i guess...? we were going to try to stop him when he turned 2, now he's 2.5 and we still let him do it, i think he really loves it. like a pacifier.

@Jessica - i read that, too! didn't see anybody famous though, other than beck. and john lennon's son sean. his band was the opener. :)