Friday, March 07, 2014

dealer decal begone!

buying a new car is fun! until you get home and see they've permanently affixed a stupid dealer decal advertisement to your trunk. 

luckily, these can be removed! pretty easily!

first, we washed that part of the car.

next, we sprayed turtle wax adhesive remover - made especially for cars - and peeled off what we could.  a lot was left.

next, we got an extension cord and a hair dryer and heated up the decal for a couple of minutes.

the heat made the remaining decal much easier to peel off.

next we peeled the decal into fun new words: VD HARLOT USA

finally, we sprayed some more adhesive remover, and wiped it clean.

just like new!

sorry south boulevard subaru, we don't love you that much.

regal pouncey approves.


A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Awesome! I still have sticker residue from 2008 on my car....Eeek!

skippy haha said...

@Jessica - it's not too late! That turtle wax stuff would take it right off. Or just enjoy the character it adds.

kid D said...

can't say i blame you. i love osu, graduated from the place, work for the place, etc. i don't have an osu sticker on my car. i like to remain impartial while driving.

skippy haha said...

i am with you kid D - last thing i want to do is call attention to myself while driving. and who knows what college preferences a potential cop pulling you over would have? what if he hates OSU? you'd be treated differently.