Saturday, March 16, 2013

recent publicity

pouncey was ranked the #6 cutest dog in the whole entire world in 2012 by the daily puppy.


#1 labrador retriever! Daily Puppy Top 100 Puppies of 2012.

also nacho was on the front page of the mountain xpress for doing his snowbunny ski jump.

Storify: Western North Carolina gets a snow day By Caitlin Byrd on 03/06/2013

eli the mutt is cute too.

Its the eye of the labrador, its the thrill of the fight


Anonymous said...

Their cousin Henry is jealous. "Come on Auntie. Can't I be famous too?"

Anonymous said...

By the pups deserve the fame. They are special.

skippy haha said...

Send brother Henry down here and I'll take pictures of the first King Charles Spaniel to forge the river! Instant fame for Hen.