Thursday, January 17, 2013

what breeds make up your dog?

last year kevin's sister did the DNA dog test to figure out what her "lab mix" birdie was really made of.

turns out she is not a labrador retriever whatsoever, but she is a fox terrier and american bull dog. that explains a lot of her behavior. poor little birdie.

birdie wants to play frisbee

after being asked by a man in the woods "is that dog mostly lab with a little pit?" about pouncey, we decided to test all 3 dogs and see if pouncey is in fact a pit bull.

they send you a swab kit, with 2 swabs, you rub each one in between the dog's gum and cheek, send them back, and in 2 weeks your results are ready.

something went wrong

nacho was the control. nacho has his papers. even though he was massively discounted due to his labrador overbite, and looks a little funny, he's a full blooded lab from decoy labs in oxnard california.

DNA test - confirmed!

next up, eli. kevin got eli from a litter down the street in charlotte. he doesn't have papers. he was supposed to be all lab, and he pretty much looks like a lab and acts like a lab. but he has a white 'star' on his chest, so something doesn't quite add up.

eli's star

turns out eli is MOSTLY lab.

but hellloooo otterhound!

please meet elidoggy, our little doberman spaniel. he is happy to be related to his cousin henry the king charles spaniel.

last but not least was pouncey the potential pit bull. unfortunately they were unable to get clear results from pouncey's swabs. they are sending another kit for a re-test.

stay tuned!


kid D said...

Baxter is 100% mini schnauzer. He was deeply discounted due to his large size. He dominated the litter and that's why I loved him. His sister, my best friend's dog, was also deeply discounted because she was the runt. She was very passive and sweet.

skippy haha said...

so funny what breeders will give discount for. aw baxter the giant mini-schnauzer!

nacho's breeder considered putting him to sleep at birth because of his teeth. i had to sign an iron clad document that i would not breed him and pass those 'terrible genes.' he is so loveable i can't imagine that breeders put puppies down for an overbite.

holden was deeply discounted too because his breeder had another litter 3 weeks after his litter was born, and everybody wanted the little puppies, he was already 12 weeks old and 'old news'

deeply discounted dogs are the best!

kid D said...

amber and i had to sign quite a contract stating that i would not breed baxter or katy as well.

katy was named after the taj mahal song, she caught the katy.

Anonymous said...

my dna changed recently. its been great!

Anonymous said...

an answer exists, if technology makes it knowable, i wanna know

Anonymous said...

lucille, down at the dna factory, has been calling dog types for years with half a cigarette hanging out of her mouth

skippy haha said...

lucille at the dna factory should start a business! all she needs is a printer to make certificates.

Anonymous said...

she has a website. posts results online.