Friday, August 17, 2012

5 months, 50 pounds

pouncey is a baby elephant. 

he is already in the 'large dog' category for flea medicine. 

he shreds sticks. 

he shreds paper towels. 

he shreds sunglasses. 

he tries to be a good boy. 


Anonymous said...

Looks healthy as can be. Who's that young buck snoozing on the couch in the background? Shouldn't he be cutting the lower 40 or fly fishing for dinner or something? Or better yet teaching Pouncey how to fish for him?

skippy haha said...

that young buck loves cutting the lower 40 but the lawnmower broke! getting a new one today. he spent some good hours this week teaching pouncey how to fetch tennis balls, soon they can work on trout.

kid D said...

he is so big. i can't believe it.