Friday, July 27, 2012


the drive between cherokee and maggie valley is littered with awesome signs. 

it's as if time stopped in 1981.  

granny's casino
granny's restaurant - happy birthday angela - cherokee casino in background

cool valley motel
cool valley motel (no pool)

tribal bingo

"he plays that choctaw bingo every friday night, drinks that johnny walker at the club 69" - james mcmurtry

hemlock motel
hemlock motel seems to have gone the way of many carolina hemlocks

country vittles
all you can eat country vittles!

seriously back in time

dish barn
sweet spot for a dish barn

starvin marvins
starvin' marvin's - stop! and shop i need your money!

smallest house in the world
smallest house in the world? but room for a porch.

stompin grounds
stompin ground for all your square dancing and clogging needs

abc store
abc store for all your grain alcohol needs

chainsaw bears amish jams
chainsaw bears, amish jams 

joeys pancake house
i bet the flapjacks are good here 

tarheel kountry kitchen
tarheel kountry kitchen - home of the BIG biscuit, biker wear

we were out there to go to sequoyah national golf course, which is a really wild place, and another story for another day.


kid D said...

he doesn't look like my people. looks more creek than cherokee. LOL!

skippy haha said...

hmmm... he's on the cherokee reservation, but maybe he was 'relocated' from a more creek-ish place!

kid D said...

it might be hard to sculpt fine details ; - )

skippy haha said...

hahaha! roger that!

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

that has to be the smallest house ever. Yes - everything still looks the same as when my mom took me and my brother to Soco Gardens. The clearest memory I have of that place was the HUGE pit of snakes they had. It was like looking at a car wreck - you didn't want to see thousands of snakes writhing and twisting around each other but you couldn't take your eyes off them.

skippy haha said...

we stopped at soco falls - beautiful! didn't see soco gardens, or a giant pit of snakes - thank you lord! sounds kind of scarring!