Tuesday, November 29, 2011

chasing wild turkeys

some people chase wild turkey with budweiser. or burritos. 

or more wild turkey. 

if you chase them with a camera, they are easy to catch and just bob away.


kid D said...

large birds kind of freak me out. i lived by theta pond at osu. when the geese and ducks would mate, they would make nests in our flower bed. when we left out the front door to go to class, we were attacked. happened every stinking spring.

skippy haha said...

geese are vicious! turkeys are more dopey. they're all over the neighborhood here, i wonder if people shoot them and eat them. i hope so.

kid D said...

they wouldn't last long in the streets of an okie neighborhood. i can gurantee you that there's still enough redneck in the most suburban suburb to not let a wild turkey go.