Monday, December 06, 2010

selling vintage clothes

i am so excited to be selling vintage clothes online again.

i love everything about this job.

i love finding the clothes at goodwill. i think of it as treasure hunting and 'saving' them.

i love taking pictures of the clothes.

i love photoshopping people's heads on the mannequin.

i love getting them to people who will love to wear them. it feels good to wear your favorite clothes!

i started a store on etsy, as opposed to ebay or starting a site of my own. the fees are reasonable, i like how it looks, it's simple to add new shirts, they allow buyers to pay with checks, money orders, and cash, not just paypal, and they have a 'vacation mode' where i can close the shop for any amount of time and go away.

the top shelf from vintage vantage will eventually be listed in the etsy shop. as soon as the boxes arrive and i can list them.

i love working!

here's a link to the shop - skippy haha vintage on etsy


A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

very great! I will keep my eyes on the prize...that hot pic horse tee shirt :) May have to get that one

Anonymous said...

Way to go Skip! looking forward to seeing your stuff again. Best of luck.
Big Popi

skippy haha said...

OG - niiice! let me know if you really want that one (or any others...hundreds more on the way in the next month) and i'd be glad to give it to you for all your sweet comments!

Anonymous said...

i think my friend megan bought an aerobics notepad from you. she is giving it to her sister who hangs with richard simmons. i think you saw the picture on my blog.

she's going to love it! - kid D

skippy haha said...

OG- I deleted your comment with the address but I am sending you the horse shirt this week! as soon as i can de-ice and get to the post office. you rock!

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

I got it! I will be stylin it up soon! Yay! So fun

skippy haha said...

sweet! i love it when a plan comes together :)