Thursday, November 13, 2014

trucker hat bonanza

while thrifting last week i came upon a bin chock full to the point of overflowing with vintage 70s and 80s mesh and foam trucker hats. 

it was clearly the collection of one man.  a man who loved baseball caps. he may have had an obsession. 

there were 58 of them, a few of them have doubles, 95% were in unworn brand new deadstock condition.

i've already sold a handful, but you can see photos of the fronts of the entire original collection here: 70s 80s vintage trucker hats

i think it's a fascinating snapshot of a human being. 

what did he do for work?

where did he buy his tractors?

where did he buy his tools?

where did he do his banking?

what did he like to eat?

where did he go on vacation?

what did he do for fun?

 what did he consider himself?

to the farmer from western north carolina who donated his lifelong hat collection to the goodwill, i say thank you!

all of the hats that are still for sale can be found here: 70s 80s vintage trucker hats on Skippy Haha Vintage Etsy


Anonymous said...

me and friends have been texting about the phenomena who is this man and we think he was unmarried.

Anonymous said...



skippy haha said...

@anon definitely bacheloriffic.

@MOM yes really!

Anonymous said...

Great find. Stuff is awesome. Chris should see this since he was the hat buyer at Aberchrombie once.

skippy haha said...

i would not be surprised if this were his truck:

single life pickup truck