Wednesday, October 16, 2013

happy birthday big popi!

happy birthday to my DAD!
me dad disney
My dad is the greatest!

Here is one small example. Not only did he go to every single one of my Saturday soccer games from age 8 to 12, but he would then spend a lot of his Sunday writing articles about the games, which he then mailed into the Long Islander weekly newspaper to be published. He had legal pads full of notes. Checklists of every girl's name so nobody would feel left out, even the girls who were not so great got their name in print.

He has a fantastic sense of humor and is endlessly patient and rational. What an excellent dad! candid mt mitchell


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memory. Every teammate is a person with expectations seeking something good for the effort. None more or less important than the other. All are important. Higher or lower expectations?...yes but not when it comes to importance to each. Giving them ALL the hope of seeing their name was only right.
Isn't it all about trying to bring a smile?
Thanks Lel.

kid D said...

happy birthday to skippy's dad!

Anonymous said... lucky to be married to THAT guy & have a daughter like you!!


skippy haha said...

Big Popi - your sense of fairness was and is admirable!

and hey MOM, you're not so bad yourself! i mean, who drove us to every single practice and also went to every game and yelled her head off on the sidelines, hosted end-of-season pool parties, fed all the players and families - you did everything!

Anonymous said...

cue the little house on the prairie theme music while skippy & family dance holding hands in a circle of joy! awesome!

Dickyc12 said...

I am with that great guy right now in NYC. What a wonderful person.