Wednesday, July 24, 2013

the shutters of leisure mountain road

there's a road in north asheville/weaverville with the craziest cutest funkiest shutters i've ever seen assembled in one place.

leisure mountain road
the road is called leisure mountain road.

without further ado, behold the shutters:

we have circles:


we have diamond paddles:

diamond paddle

we have traditional paddles:


we have leaves:


we have star trek arrows:


we have stars:


we have primary shapes:

primary shapes

we have slightly unusual shapes:


we have tulips:


we have white diamonds:


we have red diamonds:

diamonds (2)

last but not least, my personal favorite, we have pine tree moons:

pine tree moon

about 3/4 of the houses on the street are currently participating in this ongoing shutterfest.

i bet when they were first built in the 70's they ALL had fun shutters.

way to keep it funky, leisure mountain road!


shudderboy said...


skippy haha said...

thank you shudderboy! they delight me also!

kid D said...

totally dig. i would carve the old school branded osu logo in mine. how about you?

skippy haha said...

nice kid D. i would probably go dog paw or profile silhouette of a labrador! i guess that would hurt the resale value. but it would thrill me!

i can find very few vintage cut out window shutters online, which makes me think these are more rare than i thought and something the particular builder was very into.

Anonymous said...

I love this. you always observe the most unique and quirky examples of human nature! xo

skippy haha said...

Thank you, lydia!

shudderboy said...

if it wasn't shudders, think about what this obsession might have been. there's more to this than just a bunch of nice shudders. some real beauties in there.

Shudder said...

I love the bright red ones