Monday, May 20, 2013

happy birthday DREZZA!

i have the world's cutest grandma! today is her birthday! 

she loves shopping for shoes!

her style is impeccable - everything is chic and slightly jazzy and ironed and looks great on her. and it helps that she has been the same size since World War II!

she still works! like 25 hours/week as a sales associate at the Country Curtains store. she's so cool. 

her name is Emily but we've all called her Drezza since her first grandchild, my cousin Julie, tried to say "grandma" and out came "drezza."

happy birthday, Drez!


Anonymous said...

Right on Skippy. You got that right.

kid D said...

i love drezza. cutest grandmother ever! i try not to say grandma because my grandmother smith despises being called a grandma. she said it sounds, "old and country".