Monday, March 26, 2012

run for the river!

we have moved. it is wonderful. 

moving trucks coming this week, we camped out all weekend on an air mattress at the new place. 

happy happy river dogs. 

the tar heels lost. it was a great season.


Anonymous said...

Ah Man that looks great. Those dogs love you two already but they are going to love you squared for this move.
UNC....with the loss of Kendall my expectations dropped completely so I'm ok with the season too. It would have hurt more if they lost at full strength. Don't know if that makes sense but it helps me accept it.

aunt jojo said...

Congrats, Skippy & Kevin! Wishing you much health, peace & happiness in your new home. And who has better lives than Nacho & Eli? :)

Jean Maurie (angelsloveyou) said...

Your dogs look so happy. They look like little kids who just got out of school for the summer. Love the freedom look. Best to you in your new home.

Jean Maurie

Brett said...

Congratulations! Lets see some pics of the casa!

kid D said...

River life...awesome!