Monday, July 11, 2011


probably time to switch the calendar from june now that this month is already 1/3 over. yowzas.

i filled this weekend with stuff that white people like.

garage saling, i found 2 70's shirts and a stretch belt that says 'jeans jeans jeans jeans' all over it.

farmers marketing, i got the honey walnut goat cheese and the olive tapenade and the trout jerky.

hiking, i walked with dogs in woods.

eating, i had seared duck breast in blackberry sauce from a strip mall italian restaurant.

drinking, i had white wine out of a box (not bad, tastes like peaches) and tons of peppermint sun tea.

exploring, i drove through an orphanage that has a golf course.

stretching, i did some yoga videos. 'yoga for athletes.' having done no yoga in 10 years, it's coming back slooooowly but feels great. i can totally see how it's addictive, what a rush.

dog-parenting, i yelled at some pups who ruined a salsa celebration by counter-surfing the bag of blue corn chips off the counter. 

all in all, solid A.

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kid D said...

can't blame them. blue corn chips are goooood!