Tuesday, June 21, 2011


here it is. the longest day of the year. i am trying my best not to be sad about it (they're only getting darker) and instead to live in the moment and appreciate the fact that it's still light at 9pm, and will be for a couple more weeks.

i am typing amidst a summer squall, it's pouring rain, i hear thunder, and i also see the sun over the valley less than a mile away. dynamic.


Jason said...

My birthday, yay!

Spending it alone on a business trip, boo!

I hear ya on days getting shorter being depressing... I love summer.

Hey did get to head over to the Orange Peel on Saturday for that concert?

skippy haha said...

happy birthday! sucky business trip! i didn't make it to the OP - i had a bunch of plans saturday that were washed out and derailed by major storms coming through knocking out our power for the day. i listened to a few of their albums on rhapsody and really really dig it. their website is pretty sweet too. love the poem of the week and their newsletter. good stuff.