Thursday, June 02, 2011

el chapala

there's a mexican place in asheville where the waiters are fast & friendly and call you 'amigos.'

it's hidden behind a steinmart and there are no signs to find it.

the food is what you would expect. the tacos a la parilla are an amazing deal for $2 you get 2 white corn tortillas and meat and a big bowl of fresh pico de gallo.

the best part is they really know how to "celabrate." with 34 oz dos equis mugs and a half a bottle of wine in each goblet.



sfw said...

Damn I miss 34oz Dos Equis!

kid D said...

i love these places. they are all the same. a little warm inside. tables are too close together. vivid colors everywhere. huge portions. happy waiters and waitresses. just doesn't get much better.

skippy haha said...

@sfw - it's not too late! you can get one almost anywhere anytime in the americas for $2! :) (unless you're gluten free? in which case you can get a goblet of wine!)

@kidD - YES! colorful flags like streamers from the ceiling and mexican bob ross paintings!