Tuesday, July 22, 2008

tea leaf green raise up the tent

a message from the DGold:

Tea Leaf Green's new album Raise Up The Tent will be released on Tuesday July 22. party1

Members of the TLG forum plan to host 2 online listening parties. Please join us in the chat room, on the forum, and following the links below (at the times listed), for music and conversation. BYOB. Virtual party favors will be provided. All times listed are Pacific, 7-22-2008. Spread the word.

6 PM. [1] Tune in Honest FM "Raise Up The Tent" radio show (hosted by me) for an audio pre-cast including the radio debut of songs from Raise Up The Tent.

8 PM. [2] Tune in "Live From The Garden Shed" on Ustream (hosted by AG and JamBase TV) for a special album release party webcast, live from San Francisco. Video potentially featuring members of the band, music and chat.

To join the Chat Rooms, go to the Tea Leaf Green Forum Index and click "Join Chat" at the bottom. Also note that Ustream has a chat window, and you can customize your forum name on there by getting a ustream login. We will chat there too. Hope to see you all there.

my tent is raised up & i will be chatting online with babes all night
usually #6 is my favorite track on the cd
'not fit' starts and ends with some of the best lyrics i've heard-

"i'm not fit to be in the company of women
i drink a bit & smell like the jungles of india....

i'm no good at asking please or saying thank you
i'll lick your knife, butter your toast with a rusty spoon
i'll talk all night and i won't even tell you how pretty you are
i'm impolite, i'll drink you up in a dirty jar......
but don't be down on me..."


sh31 said...

Awesome! I'm tuning in tonight!

skippy haha said...

anybody who watched the garden shed ustream is a lucky dog! trevor on a old time saloon piana, josh on acoustic often with with slide, scotty on shakers and hand drums and meatball hero played soulful acoustic version of their new album start to finish. it was awesome.

sh31 said...

Anybody who was in the window audience during the show was a lucky dog too! I'm glad to hear that many of my favorite songs from the Trevor live show knitting factory did make it on to the new album! I'm that much more excited to see TLG at Las Tortugas this year.

Anonymous said...

i caught the tail end...last two songs. did anyone catch josh saying...'so, who's got the whip its?"
i love listening to trevor sing ! makes me feel like i am curled up on a couch drinking cocoa watching it rain outside. ahh...

Anonymous said...

oh, how can i get that solo trevor show?

sh31 said...

Mappy I have a copy on my HD that is nicely tagged with album art. E-mail me off list.