Wednesday, July 30, 2008

damn chocolate

my neighbor brought over a giant chocolate chip cookie that she baked this morning. it was probably the size of 6 cookies. and i ate half of it before going to see my friends' band play a party tonight. it was a potluck dinner & i didn't have too much there & when i got home at midnight i had the other half of the cookie. i'm still wide awake and it's 5:41.

i need to remember this next time i want to eat a bunch of chocolate on an empty stomach at bedtime.

the party was great fun, i love live music, but i love it even more when it's my friends playing it, and they sound good!

here's video of a post-show unplugged acoustic jam, complete with playing of the spoons.


kid D said...

it was just a cookie? nothing magic inside?

you're taking me back to the infamous cheesecake incident at wakarusa 2006.

i'm having flashbacks of wanting to go to the hospital, confessing all my sins, calling my mom and talking to her for 2 hrs at 3 a.m., thinking i was in a mental institution and they forgot to give me my meds....ah, memories.

Omnibus said...

Thanks for all the great photography Skippy! That was a blast. Glad you came.

phil said...

Asheville sure seems like a kind place!

Anonymous said...

omnibus, was that your band? can't wait to see ya play sometime !

*mappy camper

Omnibus said...

It sort of was. That was us plus and minus a few people and unplugged.

skippy haha said...

kid d, there was no magic. unless she added no-doze. nothing like trippyland or wakacheesecake 06.

phil kind is a great word for it!

mappy they're really good, you'll love it. scenic roots west coast tour 09!