Monday, February 04, 2008

these sticks are uncrossed

there was a camp game called 'these sticks are crossed, these sticks are UNcrossed' where everybody sat in a circle on the floor and passed around two sticks (like from trees. the littlest branches.) and as each person passed them she said either "these sticks are crossed" or "these sticks are uncrossed" and the trick was it had nothing to do with whether she was crossing the sticks in her hands - it was whether her legs were crossed or not. so if she was indian style but holding the sticks parallel she had to say 'these sticks are crossed' or else everybody who 'got it' already would say 'NOOOooo!!' and she passed them to the next person.

i am very comfortable sitting down completely twisted up, my legs crossed once or sometimes twice, and i know this is not good for my circulation or joints or muscles or probably every system i have. it's probably like when a hose is bent and gets a kink. in the past i've tried nailing slippers to the floor so i could put my feet in them and they would stay straight, but the slippers were too easy to slide out of and unconsciously i would be crossed within minutes. i was considering snowboard bindings under the desk or a chair like teylor in the pumpkin patch.


Patches said...

That shirt and that chair scream pimp my ride, nice.

The best solution I have found to that same problem is to completely recline with my feet on a chair or stool ankles crossed. Think lawn chair under computer desk.

skippy haha said...

patches that still leaves the sticks crossed, which was the initial problem.

kid D said...

awe little teylor. her daddy calls that the queen bee picture. makes him laugh every time.

my sticks are always crossed so i've got no advice for ya. i kick of my heels and sit indian style in my desk chair daily. i'm glad other people say indian style. i thought it was an okie thing.

skippy haha said...

queen bee has a brilliantly designed throne! indian style - they were saying that in the northeast in the 80's for sure, or i was at least.