Sunday, January 13, 2008

straight outta the inbox

here are a few real text messages in my box right now:

"I an eating some of our brownies. Bad me. We may have to able more. But thats ok cause i have a lot of boxes of crownie mix."

"Awesomest nevermind evermind"

"But i am trying to get a gig for my band at a bar in town called The Virginian. I named our band Reservoir Tip. I play the keytar. I promise video footage."

"Gertrude thinks peyote is a food group."

"Awwwww...Tis good! Damn u old suck dog!"

all reasons i like txting more than chatting.


mappycamper said...

reservoir tip??? you have got to be kidding me !

bjurk said...

and he's threatened video footage of their performance...

skippy haha said...

that one comes from the inimitable michael krepps.

anyone in the jackson hole area who wants to promote reservoir tip let me know.