Monday, January 07, 2008

michael jackson's signature

Ewok! [blue ribbon] Ewoks
Michael Jackson is now an official member of the ewoks!
she may change her name to Jenifer Jackson or Jernane

Michael Jackson!
what signature she wants


kid D said...

i used to wish i could have an ewok as a pet.

bjurk said...

my wife, who is not a star wars fan, thought ewoks were called gremlins. it was on over christmas and she asks me, "are those gremlins good guys or bad guys"? sigh

-oddly she really likes battlestar galactica

skippy haha said...

kid, i used to wish i had michael jackson as a pet. and i wanted to live in ewok village sooooo bad.
gremlins & ewoks could definitely be cousins bjurk, she was pretty close.

SmileyxJackson said...

Is this real?

skippy haha said...

if by real, you mean drawn by me in 1984 at age 8, then YES! it's real! if you mean is it THE michael jackson's is not real.

SmileyxJackson said...

Lol ohh. Okay! Its frikkin adorable. X
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