Saturday, November 17, 2007

road warrior

he took the train
he caught his flight
he hailed a cab
he rode his bike
he walked a mile
a million times
with hope
out there
his love
he'd find

with shoes wore down
he heard it all
the tragic spring
the comic fall
the coldest days
he hummed the song
my love
is right
here all


sh31 said...

I really like this one Skippy!

skippy haha said...

thank you kindly sh31

bjurk said...


what's the form?--not familiar but i like mucho

skippy haha said...

the form is not intentional by me bjurk, or maybe called 'go with the flow' form?

kid D said...

diggin' this one skippy. i like the "no form" form. that's how i work.