Wednesday, August 22, 2007


i think i found the "tarantula" that was tormenting me in my bed a few months ago. i haven't seen it indoors since then, but today i saw this spider next to the front door & i think it's the same one

that's fucking big. how terrible karmically would it be for me to pour bleach on it?

[cue i'm melllllltiiiiiiing!!!!! wicked witch]


kid D said...

i know spiders are our friends, but i wouldn't blame you for laying it to rest. they totally freak me out.

skippy haha said...

i happened to be out on the front stoop with a spray bottle of clorox cleaner & sprayed the web & the web slipped down right away & with it went the spider. there was some kind of mantis getting sprayed too that was no shorter than 4 inches. they're just too close to the house, if they set up webs a few feet away they would've been fine. sorry charlies.

skippy haha said...

no sign of spider or mantis today, they're probably sitting under my bed plotting revenge