Wednesday, September 27, 2006

sic balls chopper

what do you do when you're at the driving range
95% of the mats are taken
the one in front of you is not
a man comes onto it
in flip flops & a pitching wedge, drops a ball, hits it lazy one hand
turns, faces you, not even 2 or 3 feet away, straight ahead, and watches

ignore no eye contact be the ball you're not being the ball danny

he makes stupid jokes comments questions thinks he's adorable

not 2 feet away shoulders square intense scrutiny

walk away change clubs he's still watching facing, not hitting his own, only watching you

makes jokey apology for being annoying

i say you know what? i come here to be by myself & hit balls & not think for a little while, NOT to meet people

he mumbled stammered got brave said some confused shit about finding random things on the sidewalk that brighen your day still thinks he's adorable

walk away change clubs turn back to him still staring relentless

can't swing can't think slice topped ball after ball he never turns around

do something
see his head's the ball, bend knees, soft hands, hit 5 wood like 200 yards on the fly

you want the rest of these?

what? so you're just leaving?

have a good one

what? have a good one? that's all i get?

what's your name


i'm james

see you around


Phil said...

Skippy: "Why are you busting my balls?" lol
but I get from the red color you wern't in a joking mood.

skippy said...

no joking here - you would've thought he was my swing coach standing so close, not a complete stranger. it was a weird continued invasion of privacy in a public place. i was trying to swing & he was like "who would win in a joust between you & me?" what? "yeah, you with the wood, me with the iron, if we jousted, like fencing" and i just said i don't know man & kept my head down. people are strange

Phil said...

I'm actually dealing with an invasion/expectation of privacy issue in a current case of mine. It sucks that our archaic society doesn't recognize a right to privacy in public places, meaning that privacy is relegated to your home. Furthermore, our society doesn't recognize the idea of "group privacy", so privacy is defined from the perspective of one. What a lonely idea to think that privacy can only be enjoyed when you're at home by yourself?

Create privacy in public spaces!

kid d said...

People are strange when you're a stranger
Faces look ugly when you're alone
Women seem wicked when you're unwanted
Streets are uneven when you're down

skippy said...

interesting issue Phil, i hadn't considered it in the legal sense, but i did suffer damages, i do have a legitimate claim against that man, i spent money on that bucket of balls and i left half of them there because i was made to feel so uncomfortable. if i'd just gone ahead and bitched him out completely i would've possibly solved it, but i wouldve been too fired up to hit the rest of the balls. so he owes me 3.50, and while i'm at it, the whole $7 because the ones i did hit i wasn't paying attention because he was standing there. i wonder if the range has a duty to protect patrons from harassment of this kind. i could sue them jointly for the $7. it's just a matter of respect - you don't stare at people like that, creepy