Thursday, August 31, 2006

wasp 2

i offered money & lunch for anybody who would get the allegedly non-stinging dauber wasp for me, but in the meantime the nice people at showed me how to make a trap for it. natural pest control.

ginger ale bottle
soapy water to make it harder to fly
honey all in the bottleneck
fingers crossed

here it is in its spot under where the wasp mainly daubs all day


Phil said...

Any luck?

skippy said...

the trap is empty. i saw a wasp this morning outside before i left, but i've been back since 2 and have not seen it. and the past 3 days 2-3pm was its busy time. so maybe he found a new place to daub. i'll have to see tomorrow. thanks for asking. i'd say terror alert has been dropped from red to about a yellow.

Bobby huntington said...

What's the role of rough and tumble Holden and Nacho in this? I would think they'd look at this dive bomber as a decent snack. Any chance the trap worked a little and slowed the devil down enough for one of the pups to eat it?

skippy said...

that is always my first plan when it comes to bugs, bobby h. - get the dogs to do the dirty work. it works with grasshoppers & some spiders and it worked with nacho and a hornet last year (i'll have to find those pictures), but they weren't too interested in this thing that i'd just come screaming running from. and it flew pretty high up in the ceiling, like my head level. i use past tense because i have not seen the mud dauber wasp today and i don't want to jump any guns but i think it may have found muddier pastures. the soap water in the trap is still empty.