Thursday, April 13, 2006

not longing haiku 9-16

practiced at the art
of exclusion of those who
make everything wrong

they all have a ding
they're all banged up in some way
and then there are those

i try to inspire
candle's wick electric wire
don't touch leaping fire

i'll give it for free
and take it for free, when the

strings attach, i'm gone

fear of the unknown
possibility of pain
destruction failure

selfish demon lurks
i'm not who i think i am
we'll all be surprised

every second counts

i'm so impatient that i
eat green bananas

young sad high late night
you forget sleep is not death
there's another chance

1 comment:

reader said...

i've never read poetry this exciting before.

each new one is such a tasty little morsel and i gobble them up so fast.