Wednesday, August 16, 2017

WTF Wednesday: Boogie Bob, Wig or Nah?

Hai Wednesday! Hai WTF!

Hai ridiculous pincushion!

pin cushion

Hai Boogie Bob!

boogie bob

Hai winking mushroom!

winking mushroom

Hai "A house is not a home....nothing"!

house is not a home

Hai extra face lines!

extra face lines

Hai vengeful cats!

cat revenge

Hai No Fear doll!

no fear

Last but not least, wig or nah?

wig or nah

As with all wtf wednesdays, there are no answers, only questions leading to more questions. 

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New WTF this week:


Anonymous said...

Boogie Bob Album.....autographed no less. There can't be too many of those around. Sounds like a treasure to somebody. Maybe his family?

skippy haha said...

Boogie Bob is still alive!

there are a few of these records on ebay for under $10 so i left it there, even with the autograph.

also there are two of them - another Boogie Bob (Baldori) is a lawyer/musician, says wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought? Not so obscure at all. I have to try to stay more current.
I like trying to outwit the I'm not a robot puzzle too.